New Stuff is ready to be released

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We have been busy working on new stuff since the release of our debut album “Come Clean” and it’s now time to unveil some new projects we simply can’t wait to show you. We have a total of 7 new songs ready and we have decided to release them in a series of 4 EPs which will be published throughout the whole 2018. The first of this set is called “Zeit” and will feature two new songs : “The Hourglass” and “Low-Motion”. We have also shot a brand new video with Director Fulvio Masini for the song “The Hourglass” which will be released on the same day with these two new songs. Zeit is the German word for “time”, we have chosen this word because both song lyrically deal with the concept of time, how we perceive it and how it affects our lives. Both songs were recorded live at Blackwave Studio by Fabio Palombi.

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